Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Virtual Gallery - Room 6

For the next room in my eclectic online gallery, I've curated some pieces from the Banksy exhibition held in Bristol in 2009. Over the course of a few months hundreds of thousands of people queued to see the world-famous "graffiti" artist's takeover of the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. 

These pictures represent a flavour of the show, although after queuing for two hours my actual time in the gallery before it closed was limited. As well as the main exhibition, there were a number of guerrilla pieces round the rest of the building - a fake poo on a plate in the ceramics exhibition, a "collector's" plate with cats on amongst the historic porcelain, a dildo inserted into a row of stalagmites in the geology section.

The exhibition's Information Desk
What does a Bishop wear under his Cassock?
Not on Canvas Any More...
Improved Spot Painting - Damien Hirst and "Local Artist"

No caption required!

For previous posts featuring Banksy, just follow this link and this one too. There's also more on the exhibition on the BBC website.


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gallerie virtuelle said...

So right now a bunch of artists who were on there and caught unawares by the shutdown are in a panic trying to recover art from the admins.

Even if it wasn't that big of a site, it sucks that another furry endeavor has bitten the dust.