Saturday, 5 March 2011

5 on the 5th - March

It's 5 on the 5th time again. This month, the theme is "lines" which I have loosely adhered to.

Taking part is easy - take your five pictures, post them, and submit your details on Stephen's own post. Simples.

Once you've done that have a look at everyone else's contribution.

All these photos have been taken around Bristol.

A line of coloured houses, in the Bristolian fashion

Path with lines of shadows, trees and houses

I love the way these lights follow the line of the river and the path

Don't stand on the shadow

A car park...


Anonymous said...

I love the coloured houses, like some random machine placed them there. Well spotted! Thanks for sharing.


oneexwidow said...


There are lots of rows of differently coloured terraces around Bristol - I particularly like this row for the Edwardian detailing.

Some houses go beyond straightforward blocks of colour and have patterns as well!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. I love the line of lights on the river path as well as the car park.


Cubby said...

Very nice pics. I like the one with the light poles along the river path best.

erik said...

Nice shots! You certainly have found some interesting architecture.

Stephen Chapman said...

The lights and carpark are great pics.

A fine collection all round!