Monday, 14 March 2011

Doing my bit for The Chain gang...

Regular readers will know I love the current number one by Adele. After four weeks, though, I think it's time she moved over and let another act take the top spot. But who do I think should get the honour next?

Lady Gaga?
Justin Bieber?!!!

No, the song I want to get to number one next is a track from a 1977 album. Specifically, it's The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.

Used as the theme music for BBC's coverage of Formula 1 for every season since 1978 (except for those years when ITV had the broadcast rights but we don't speak about those), The Chain has become iconic. Now, there's a Facebook and Twitter campaign to get it to number one in time for the start of the new season. Follow the links, join up and buy the track!

There's more on this - including two versions of the track - over on Stephen's blog. In the meantime, here's the BBC's Formula 1 trailer to get you in the mood:


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Stephen Chapman said...

Your readers may like to see this picture I took of Fleetwood Mac and added to my blog as the 200th post. I'm well over 500 now!