Wednesday, 26 January 2011

An A-Z of my CDs: T

T is for Texas who are my favourite band. While interest in other bands has waxed and waned, Texas have been a consistent love for over 20 years. I can't wait to hear the new material and album due later this year. For now, though, I present three of their classics!

First, I Don't Want a Lover. Most of the videos on You Tube are of the remix from the Greatest Hits album. I'm not sure when this performance dates to, but it's faithful to the spirit of the original:

Next, a track from White on Blonde, the album that remains their biggest seller and saw them make a comeback in the UK after the (relative) lack of success of Mothers Heaven and Ricks Road here; although these had been much more successful in Europe, particularly France and Belgium. This is Say What You Want:

And finally, a track from their last album, Red Book. This is Getaway:

Hope you enjoyed!



Raybeard said...

Wouldn't argue with your choice - and who would? (From your previous blogs we could see it coming.)

Although I feel I'd 'ought' to choose the lovely Tina T., if I did it would be more because of the person she is rather than her voice, which isn't/wasn't exactly the most versatile.
In the final analysis it would be between 'Talking Heads' and '10cc', but probably the former, for David Byrne's sheer breadth of imagination. ('Take That' didn't get a look-in!)

Stephen Chapman... said...

Wow - didn't see that one coming!


oneexwidow said...

Ha! Such wit, Mr Chapman!

I'm sure guessing next weeks will not be too hard either!