Saturday, 4 December 2010

Counting Myself In to Act Aware

Last week was World AIDS day and inspired by this post by Stephen Glenn and this statement by Lib Dem MP and Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone (also reported here),  I have decided that I really should Act Aware.

Regular readers will know that my personal life does not often get a mention here, but I feel that this is issue is so important I'm going to reach beyond my comfort zone. While I've been celebate (partially through choice, partially through circumstance) for some time*, I still think it makes sense to be certain of my HIV status and follow the Count Me In pledges:
  • I will know my HIV status
  • I will not assume I know someone else's HIV status
  • I will take personal responsibility for using condoms
  • I will value myself and my health
  • I will stay informed about HIV and how it is spread
I'm not sure when I'll fulfil the forst of these pledges as the local clinic does not seem to have the most flexible opening hours but if I can't do so in the next month, I shall by the end of January.


* I know this is somewhat vague but it's the most specific I'm going to be!

1 comment:

Stephen Glenn said...

Glad to have been an inspiration.

All the best with keeping the pledges and for finding out the results for point one.