Sunday, 5 December 2010

5 on the 5th - December

It's time for Stephen's 5 on the 5th and this month's theme is "Faces". I've taken this completely literally and present 5 pictures of me, sporting various hairstyles over the years.

Unfortunately, due to the technical difficulties of taking pictures of passports/driving licences, only three of the photos (or photos of photos) were actually taken today!

Summer 1994
Spring 2002

March 2004

February 2010
Today, working the Hungover Hair look...



Stephen Chapman... said...

Bending the rules nicely there.

The hangover look is....errrrm... nice!

oneexwidow said...

Ah, yes, indeed... slapped wrists, must do better next time etc...

swkpboy said...

The 1994 deck shot is my favorite. The sepia tones and the girl at the back. classic shot. 70's beach scene

oneexwidow said...


It's one of my sisters behind me... Shot on the shores of Lake Joseph in Muskoka, Canada: