Wednesday, 1 December 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: L

Although there were a number of candidates, there could only be one choice: Annie Lennox. Well done to Stephen for his correct guess.

As it's World AIDS day today, and as Annie is almost as known now for her campaigning work as for her music, I have not featured music videos this week Instead, we have two videos  - this  one in connection with a Rankin exhibition in London's City Hall raising awareness of AIDS in London:

AIDS is, of course, one of the causes Annie feels strongly about. Another is Africa; this video was produced for Comic Relief and features a project for woman living with AIDS in Uganda:

You can find more on World AIDS Day here.


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Raybeard said...

Your choice cannot be faulted. The only serious contender was Lennon (with, for us oldies, Frankie Laine), but Annie's contribution goes way beyond just music, which would have been fine enough anyway.. Long may she reign!