Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Sounds 66 - Girl On Fire

This is just such a Top. Tune. From the incomparable Alicia Keys. On. Fire.

First, though, turn up the volume. A bit more. Right - you're ready. Play.


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Raybeard said...

I gave up listening to contemporary pop about 10 years ago when I thought that I'd fallen out of all sympathy with it. (Sunday afternoon's Radio 1 Top 40 had been an essential ritual). So it's reassuring to know that it can still deliver the goods.
Although I knew the name of Alicia Keys, of course, I couldn't have identified her by voice alone. But it's good to hear someone who can not only sing clearly, enunciating all her words recognisably, but can sustain a note without resorting to all that hideous warbling and whooping which passes for 'style' these days. (Don't I just sound like the old fogey that I've become?). Anyway, thanks for 'educating' me. There's clearly still some hope for pop music.