Sunday, 10 February 2013

Saturday Six 25

Good Afternoon, welcome to my 900th published blogpost (on this blog, at least). Although I had some thoughts about doing something specific to celebrate, I've opted to go ahead with the day late edition of Saturday Six which wasn't published yesterday due to a combination of an unexpected but welcome houseguest and the fairer tax action day.

First up, two posts on Chris Huhne's demise as MP for Eastleigh: Mark Reckons discusses the tragedy of a confidence built of hubris whilst Richard Morris argues on the New Statesman Staggers blog that, whilst the particular turn of events last week may have been surprising, Lib Dems had mentally got over the loss of a Cabinet Minister and up for the By-Election battle.

This past week also saw the Second Reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill - which passed by a margin of 400 to 175. My friend Glyn was in the public gallery for the debate as it is something he feels strongly about, something which had led to a disturbing incident related on his own blog.

There has been ongoing speculation about imminent appointments to the House of Lords - something that has led Nick Barlow to come up with an interesting proposition - especially for a parliamentary party which is "too male, too pale."

This test (with a h/t to Alex Wilcock) seeks to define political philosophy based on a series of statements rather than (as with some tests) policies. Don't be alarmed (as I was) with it being on the OK Cupid site - and at the end there is an option for getting the results without signing up. This is how I came out - I have a bit of an issue with the "S" word...

Finally, a couple of ideas for Shrove Tuesday - although I must confess I'm a cook-and-eat-whilst-at-the-stove kinda guy, traditionally taking it in turns with my housemate.