Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday Six 27

Welcome to my latest collection of random blogposts that I've liked over the past week. Before we kick off, though, a quick reminder that inclusion does not, necessarily, mean complete agreement.

First up, a report on how one woman took on Archbishop Vincent Nichols and his latest pronouncements on Equal Marriage.

This article by the Centre for Policy Studies dates from January and has been reasonably widely shared over the past couple of weeks since Ed Milliband proposed bringing back the 10p tax band. It does deserve further sharing though as it demonstrates the inherent progressive nature of the Lib Dem policy of raising the personal allowance in preference to spending the same money on a 10% starting rate.

Graeme Littlejohn discusses how to deal with the ongoing practice of caning in Uganda's schools.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Boris has been to Eastleigh...

In the New Statesman, Martin Robbins discusses the role of the state and society in policing the private fantasies of consenting adults. 

My mum described the Jury in the collapsed trial of Vicky Pryce as a bunch of duffers. Whilst I'm not sure I'd go that far - and think it's reasonable for a Jury to seek clarification if unsure of points of law - I did think some of their questions were particularly simple. One theory I've heard is that the foreman and others may have got frustrated at discussions in the jury room and used the list to send a message to the judge that it wasn't going well. Whatever, The Commentator skewers them royally.


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