Thursday, 19 July 2012

Oh Dear, Aunty, Oh Dear...

I've just seen this on the BBC website:

I don't mean to be pedant* - and I'm sure the eagle-eyed will have noted a number of typos on these pages over the years - but, really, "to loose"? As grammatical errors go, though, that is one of the ones that jars the most - at least for me!


*of course I do, I love being pedantic!


Raybeard said...

I'm with you totally, Andrew.
I don't subscribe to the idea that "It doesn't matter what you say - or write - as long as people know what MEAN." Well, only up to a point. It's the DISTRACTION from what is meant that gets my goat - as well as the feeling, of which I myself am aware, (unfair or otherwise), that what is being said/written is of less value than if it had been expressed correctly.

Andrew Brown said...

I should point out that the typo was quickly fixed.