Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lucian Freud 1922-2011

Whilst he may not be one of my favourite painters, Lucian Freud - whose death was announced earlier this week - did paint one of my favourite pictures: Two Men.There is something tender and intimate about the picture. Whether that intimacy is love, lust, welcomed or threatened is more ambiguous. 

I have to say, I take it at face value; the clothed figure reclining after coming home late to find his partner already asleep. The National Galleries of Scotland offer a differing explanation and these, too, could fit. What do you think? 



Raybeard said...

Incredibly, I'd not been aware of this picture. Can't believe it's escaped me all these years. And it really is a beauty - so much expressed on a single canvas, but, as you say, capable of multiple interpretations. Thanks for educating me, Andrew.

Stephen Glenn said...

I agree with you're take on it rather than the National Galleries of Scotland. I remember reading their description of it while looking at it and not agreeing.

Possibly one of the men works shifts that are different from the other, so as you say has come in from work and found the partner in bed asleep and had laid down beside him and dozed off himself.