Wednesday, 9 February 2011

An A-Z of my CDs: W

So here it is; the complete list of acts featured in my A-Z:

Abba, Beautiful South, Capercaillie, Del Amitri, Eurythmics, Erasure, Franz Ferdinand, Al Green, Lauryn Hill, (Ice, Sea, Dead People), Billy Joel, The Killers, Annie Lennox, Pete Murray, Kylie Minogue, Paolo Nutini, Pet Shop Boys, Finley Quaye, R.E.M., Dusty Springfield, Sharleen Spitiri, Texas and U2 and...

...Dinah Washington. Now I must confess that Ms Washington had not been in the running for this slot (I had been minded to choose a track by Robbie Williams) until I had looked at the make up of the overall list. I hope that her presence gives the end of the list a certain class and distinction. 


So that's it... I'm now off to think about what comes next...


1 comment:

Raybeard said...

Couldn't argue with that choice - a classy one to finish with.
Only real contenders would have been 'Dionne W.'(but whose pinched-sounding voice I find is difficult to listen to for a long session.) 'The Who' (whose up-front boisterous rock quickly wears me down) and, of course, the great Stevie W. But when Dinah W. is there, she can never be overlooked.