Saturday, 5 February 2011

5 on the 5th - February

I'm afraid today's contribution to 5 on the 5th is a bit of a cop-out. I have no new pictures to post, I'm lacking inspiration for the theme of "Reflections" and it's very windy outside. 

Having decided to look through old photos, I decided to post some from my holiday in Padstow a few years ago. I had actually forgotten I had previously done so (on this post) but here is another selection:

Camel Bay

Land's End

The River Camel

St Michael's Mount



P.S. I'm dead chuffed I got through this post without trying to pretend I was on theme!


Jason Shaw said...

Very nice, very enjoyable.

Howard said...

Lovely shots! Looks like a great place to visit! said...

beautiful images!!!!! Cornwall my favourite place on the planet.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Bending the rules quite a bit there!

Great pics anyway.

oneexwidow said...

Thank you all... even you, Stephen!

Kyle said...

Wow, those are really beautiful shots.