Wednesday, 2 February 2011

An A-Z of my CDs: U

Well, we've reached the thin end of the alphabet and the second last of my entries in this series as I have nothing for V, X, Y or Z...

For U, though, we have one of the greatest bands of all time: U2. Although I never really got on with their 90's material, the 80's stuff and much of their output over the last decade is in a class of its own.

For this entry I've chosen a real classic, With or Without You from The Joshua Tree. Enjoy:



Raybeard said...

And I thought it was going to be "Ohhhhhh VIENNNNNNNAAAAA!" (No, not really!)

Stephen Chapman... said...

Could have been the Undertones or UB40 - though the 'U' list is tough.

I know a couple of 'V' artists, though perhaps not faves.

There are some 'Y's too and always XTC for the X

You're giving up too soon!!!!

oneexwidow said...

Ah, but I'm not giving up...

Every artist and track featured is form an album I actually own (with the exception Ice, Sea, Dead People) so to make entries for V,X Y and Z would be disingenous!