Friday, 27 August 2010

How popular/common are you?

For some random reason today I was reminded of a website that was popular about 7-8 years ago that was able to tell you how many people share your name in the UK. Having done a quick google search I've found a site which still does this.

You can search your full name and see how many people share it - apparently there are 3,532 people with my name. By contrast one of my sisters only shares her name with 49 others!

Aside from this - and some random facts about Angry Squirrels - you can also search by just first name which will provide a breakdown by age of the popularity of that name. 50.68% of Andrew's are in the 35-44 age range. This compares to, for example, 41.34% of Stephen's and 13.79% of Wilfred's!

You can even rank names based on their first letter - Andrew is the most common name beginning with A! Suddenly, I'm feeling a bit less special...

Anyway, here's the link. Go and have a look, it's worth a short Internet detour.


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