Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Resolution Check 4

It's June! Can you believe it? After missing May's update on my resoltutions, it's time for another look. Just a reminder of what they are:

  • Continue to reassess, manage and improve my finances
  • Lose some weight/get fitter
  • Read more books than last year - say 25-30
  • Blog around every 2-3 days (c. 147 posts)
  • Re-start my entries to Three Positive Things and explore positive psychology further
  • Commence work on a piece of fiction of my own (other than this list!)
So here we go:

Moving house was, as it always is, a costly exercise, but am hopeful of some anticipated changes which will stabilise and improve things going forward.

I've no idea if I'm either losing weight or getting fitter - although gardening does tend to leave you feeling like you've had a workout! This is also in the must try harder category

Book reading has stalled - after a great start to the year. Am currently on The Storm by Vince Cable - but have been since before I moved. Need to adapt my new routine to accomadate books again.

My blogging suffered through lack of internet - and a great deal of inertia when I did get back online. Am back in swing of things now, though!

Progress on my editing of my friends novel has stalled - a project to return to in April, erm May, erm June...

So, for one reason or another - or one reason and one reason being used as an excuse - it's been a step back this month. Still, the only way is up!


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