Monday, 7 June 2010


This is my 150th post and, as is usual on each 50th post, it's time for a spot of blog introspection...

Top tags so far:
  • Poetry (19)
  • Books (18)
  • Anthology (17)
  • Blog (16)
  • Photos (15)
  • You Tube (15)

Number of posts with comments: 57

Most number of comments for 1 post: 5

While poetry has maintained it's number one position overall, I've blogged much more on books lately, with regular book reviews. I've also made an effort to include more photographic and video content.

I've not blogged about sport for a while and this has dropped out of the top five. While politics haven't made it up there, I was pleased to get more political content in the blog over the election period, and intend to include more ongoing than I previously did.

I'm blogging about blogging less, which is good - this strand being an obvious exception to my feeling that it is somehow cheating to post about the blogging process. I finally started a series of posts on architecture - and there will be more of these to come.

In addition to content, I've also tarted up the look and added links to the bottom of each entry - these should be themed to (broadly) tie in with the subject of any individual posting. My tweets can now be read in the window to the left and there are two stand-alone pages linked to above. These are the Directory (about me and my blog) and Links to other websites or blogs which I've mentioned in various posts.

I've got more incremental changes planned and more ideas for posts but the eclectic mix of topics is set to continue! Enjoy!


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