Monday, 31 May 2010

Today's Recipe - Mushroom Bruschetta

Following my recent move, and the replacement of an hour-plus commute with a half hour stroll into town, I've finally started to cook a bit more often which has been really enjoyable.

Recent highlights have been a version of a Nigel Slater recipe for Lamb Chops with Bacon Pieces (e-mail me if you'd like more info on this - sounds odd, tastes gorgeous) and a Chicken Carbonara using Aunty Delia's version as its starting point.

Today I had leftover mushrooms to use up and some thyme freshly planted in the garden, so I made use of both to make a simple Mushroom Bruschetta (OK, it was served on toast, but that's splitting hairs!) Here's my method:

In a pan heat some olive oil with a knob of butter. When hot, add the mushrooms and saute, reducing the heat slightly. Once they are almost ready to serve add some fresh thyme, black pepper and a splash of lemon juice.

Meanwhile drizzle slices of french bread or ciabatta with olive oil and toast both sides. Serve on a warm plate with the mushroom mixture heaped on top.

Of course, you could use different herbs, add garlic, use ordinary bread (as I did), add soy sauce or any one of a number of things to either jazz this up or adapt it to what you have available. Recipes should always be your starting point not a cut and dried route map - I just hope I've whetted your appetite.


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