Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bonus Blog - Bolt does it again.

Although I have already blogged today, I couldn't not mention Usain Bolt's latest achievement. Follow the link to see the full 19.19 seconds it took him to cover 200 metres:

See it
here (UK only, I think)


P.S. I should make mention of Phillips Idowu's gold in the triple jump and Jenny Meadows' 800 metre bronze. I hope to blog on the Brits' performance overall at the end of the games.


Stephen Chapman... said...

Whooooo! A bonus blog. What a show off!!!!!


Stephen Chapman... said...

Wot u been up to AB?!

Tell us all.

oneexwidow said...

It's coming... just been a catalogue of things getting in the way of finishing my post... but I will, and there may well be a slew of other posts over the weekend!!