Monday, 3 August 2009

Blatent Plug

One of my friends, Stephen, is a keen blogger and it was him who is partly responsible for me starting to blog - his main blog can be found here.

As well as being a fantastic blogger, he is also a keen photographer. So much so, he has started a side project called "5 on the 5th". This has a simple premise - just take 5 photographs on the 5th of the month and post a link to them. Simples. The result is an online snapshot of the lives of the participants.

I never managed to do it last month, but intend to try this time - I'm sure Stephen would appreciate it if you did too!



Stephen Chapman... said...

And I only dropped a few hints!

For more info - go here:

Cheers Andyroo, you are a star as always and I can only apologise on behalf of my English brothers for stealing your haggis.

oneexwidow said...


oneexwidow said...

Ooops... Just noticed the various links I put in had disappeared! Now re-instated.

Stephen Chapman... said...

The entry for the 5th is now live - so I look forward to seeing your pictures!