Friday, 12 July 2013

The End

Dear Reader,
I've neglected you, and I'm truly, truly sorry.
I could lay out the reasons for my absence - how life has got in the way, my habits have changed, how things have been busy, how I've been away... but really, they would all be excuses.
You have, however, never been far from my thoughts. The list of posts I want to make has grown long even if the moment for some of them has come - and then gone a begging.
Well, that's the way these apologies are supposed to go... but this isn't about you, though, it's about me. A blog, after all, is a selfish exercise; for all one wants to talk about sharing thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes with the world, it's a solitary pursuit which is more about the writer than his/her readers.
I'm afraid, dear reader, that you are not the be all and end all. You do matter - but you only matter when there's more of you. As I said, it's a selfish exercise.
And so, with each passing day of none-posting, the reader numbers dwindle away and the harder (and less worthwhile) it seems to get back on the saddle. An inertia kicks in, a tendency to adapt to the new norm and go about doing what I have been doing, rather than going back to what I did do. It's the proverbially slippery slope which has seen a month already go by without a post.
And it ends today.
Not the blog - although that has been considered - but the recent intermission.
Although I have a busy weekend ahead - and I am genuinely more busy at other times - I am climbing back into that saddle. I, hope, dear remaining reader, that you can forgive me my harsh words and will continue to read as I re-commence this venture. And, perhaps, we will be joined by others as we move on from this hiatus... 
Sincerely Yours,


Raybeard said...

Your 'absence' was conspicuous to this blogger, Andrew, but I really DO know how you feel.
Can't say that dropping away has ever been an option for me, having no friends at all outside the blogs (sob sob) - apart from my pussies - but I can well appreciate that for nearly all other bloggers this is merely one type of social interaction and, ultimately, a less important one, certainly less immediate than face-to-face contact, telephone, Skype etc.
But it really is good to have you back and to know that your presence will be in evidence once more.
Looking forward to reading more of your views again, emanating from Bristol, with that strong Scottish flavour.

Stephen said...

About bloody time!