Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday Six 20

Welcome to this, my twentieth weekly collection of blogs which have caught my eye. Let's crack on...

First up, Jonathan Calder on Liberal England reports on a little-know 1955 radio production of The Lord of the Rings, featuring Prunella Scales and David Hemmings!

Last week's Saturday Six had a link to a Liberator article on the new (or latest) Lib Dem messaging strategy. Caron Lindsay and George Potter have both written their own responses.

George has also written this piece on why it is fair to raise welfare payments in line with inflation - in bad times as well as good.

The Adam Smith Institute's Sam Bowman discusses some of the issues faced when cutting spending in the Public Sector; concluding that spending cuts have to be accompanied by reform. I would like to re-iterate the old addage that a link does not infer full agreement. But I liked this paragraph: " Of course deep spending cuts are needed. But, unless you’re happy to mess over people who rely on state services through no fault of their own, they can only work in conjunction with big changes in how we do things." 

And finally, who says F1 isn't affordable on a budget? Perhaps this guy could save HRT...


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