Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Six 9

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Six, a hand-picked selection of some of my favourite blogposts and articles from the last week.

Kicking things of this week, Caron takes up Jeremy Hunt's comments on abortion and seeks to move the debate on by raising the issue of 2 doctor's signatures being required - as she says, no other medical procedure requires this.

Next up is, ah, Caron again - this time urging Nick Clegg to say no to the Tories on their fanatical obsession with saving a further £10bn from the Welfare budget. Whilst some Welfare savings may be possible, Millennium Dome has a good breakdown of how little of the overall Welfare budget would be available for cuts. Alex also looks at the issue and uses it to explore the issue of policy making within the coalition.

This link is to a woman's magazine which I wouldn't normally read - the link was courtesy of Dermot O'Leary on Twitter though, and I like the idea: simply, Refuge - the anti-domestic violence charity - has opened a gift list with John Lewis to provide Christmas presents for kids who would otherwise have none.

And finally, if you're a Lib Dem voting rep and you haven't already seen this list of candidates for the FCC and FPC, complete with links to Questions and Answers on some key issues, you really should. Jennie has done and is doing a fantastic job compiling these.

And that's it for another week!


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