Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Six 10

Roll up! Roll up! It's time for a weekly digest of just six of the blogposts and articles to have interested me this week..
First up (and with a hat-tip to Mark Thompson for this) is Nick Barlow who reckons that Nick Clegg could learn a thing or two about media management and policy positioning from Michael Gove. Meanwhile another expert in media "management", Peter Mandelson has been speaking about domestic politics - LabourList has the details.
Talking about domestic politics, the fantastic Lynne Featherstone has been recognised for her sterling work on Equal Marriage by Attitude Magazine - I may even have to buy a copy, assuming they have an "Awards Issue".
North of the border, the stage has now been set for the Independence referendum. Dan Falchikov has an exclusive on the SNP's preferred wording and their campaign video.
Things on the continent are, as we all know, economically stormy. Fear not, though, by 2016 Greece will be the best place to live in the Eurozone. The Bond Vigilantes have the details, complete with graphs to prove it!

And finally, this amused me (although obviously not the part about the driver sustaining head injuries)... Now, who's for a KFC?

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