Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Sounds 36: The Waiting For... edition

Whilst putting together one of my NOW! That's What I call a Tune! posts, I considered using today's Sunday Sound but it lost out in the end. I love k d lang and this song is one of my all time favourites. I couldn't remember having seen the video before, though. Even if I had seen back when the song was released (in 1992) it wouldn't have struck me in the way it did recently: the video features scenes set in a theatre where the players are (rather aptly) performing a production of Waiting for Godot. And, yes, I do want geek points for spotting that...

K.D. Lang - Constant Craving [Video] on MUZU.TV.


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Raybeard said...

Such a pure, clear, powerful, straight-as-a-needle voice, surely one of the VERY best of contemporary singers - a merciful and refreshing change from the majority of today's big names where 'whoops' and 'warbles' are taken as signs of (Heaven help us!) 'sophistication'. Ms Lang is a paragon of singing without being 'showy' - and I too so love her for it!

Yes, 'Godot' is a neat touch, depicting, as it does, eternally unfulfilled expectation - just as expressed in the song's lyrics.