Saturday, 24 March 2012

10 things... I Don't Get

I tweeted the other night that I don't "get" Celebrity Juice (there was a special edition on the TV as part of Sport Relief) and it set me thinking about other aspects of popular culture and modern life which I don't get. Here are a few. Specifically, here are 10...

1. Celebrity Juice. Keith Lemon, Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton. I don't get it, I don't get them. And vice-versa.

2. T4. I get the concept of Yoof/Hangover TV but have never understood why it's called T4.

3. Alex Salmond. In particular, Alex Salmond's popularity in Scotland - For all his politic cunning and nous, I have never found him an attractive personality.

4. Oasis. OK, they hardly qualify as part of either popular culture or modern life anymore but I could never understand how people could prefer them to Blur and other "Britpop" acts. And in my head it's still the 90's!

5. Period Dramas. With a few honourable exceptions - Gosford Park and Kazuo Ishiguro's Remains of the Day spring to mind.

6. Nandos. I've been twice but really struggle with the concept, described to me by someone once as "like a Gastro-pub in reverse."

7. Why 10 O'Clock Live was recommissioned in the same format rather than being re-thought and shortened.

8. The AVIVA Paul Whitehouse ads. How they think they do the brand justice, I'll never know.

9.  Embarrassing Bodies. Why, why why would you want to watch it? Why? Just, why?

10. Dickens. And I can say this with more certainty now that I've finally read A Christmas Carol. A good friend still thinks I should try Tale of Two Cities at least.

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