Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday Titter 4: Lego Eddie Izzard

I've been a long-time fan of Eddie Izzard whose brand of surreal but intelligent humour is right up my street. He has the rare ability to take a common-place piece of observation comedy and use it as the starting point for tremendous flights of fancy.

Today's Tuesday Titter is Eddie's take on queueing at the all-night garage and is taken from my favourite show of his, Definite Article. The video, by Thorn2200 on You Tube is one of a number of lego animations which are well worth checking out.




Raybeard said...

Afraid that here's something else that really misses me - though it certainly wasn't UNfunny. Wish I could share the laughter, but I must be missing something in my psyche, though the concept is amusing enough.

Mr Izzard is one of those comedians whom I find too good-looking to be truly funny - at least for me. (And here I'm taking about him without make-up). Others I'd put in the same category for me are Dave Gorman, Neil Mularkey and another young rising/risen star, whose name I've momentarily forgotten but has a wonderful smile. (He occasionally appears on 'Have I Got NFY').
On the other hand, I find Steve Coogan, for example, whom I in no way fancy, a scream in most of his personas. I wonder if others experience this barrier between a comic's looks and his (and it IS only with males) material.

Anyway, sorry Andrew, thanks for posting. I know that the loss is MINE!

Stephen Glenn said...
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Stephen Glenn said...

Well the I take a different opinion on Eddie. I love his stuff too, maybe that has something to do with the way my brain works lol.

I don't take a comedians looks into how funny or not they are. Mind you seeing I have seen most of the good ones in a small room somewhere around Edinburgh, or even just in the Pleasance Courtyard after their show I've seen a lot of them up close and in the flesh (especially as I tend to sit in the front row these days).