Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Not an A-Z of my CDs: V

An album I wanted some years ago, and probably flirted with getting on more than one occasion, was The View's Hats of to the Buskers. Although that album, their first, was Mercury nominated, subsequent commercial success has evaded them.

Here they are with Same Jeans, which reached Number 3 in the charts. Apparently he's been wearing them for four days now, but that's just the way they roll in Dundee...

It's W next week... could you be in line for some Kim Wilde? What would you choose/not choose?


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Raybeard said...

There'll be rich pickings from the 'W's to choose from next time, Andrew - Wonder, Warwick, Wings, Who, Williams (Robbie & even Andy), Wizzard and several more off the top of my head. But I'd be more than happy with our lovely Kim. She carries so much poignant nostalgia for me, but also so good in her own right. (In her teenage/early twenties years she was also a dead-ringer for one of my nieces).
As to who NOT to choose? Well, wouldn't 'Westlife' be a good NON-choice? I only offer the suggestion.