Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Sounds 14

Philadelphia. Crap film, great song:




Raybeard said...

Ah, THERE you are! (Sighs of relief from here.) So very glad to have you back again. No further comment on that.
Was the film really that 'crap'? It was certainly very much of its time - and then it was a beacon in a flood of negativity. But I can see in hindsight how its earnestness might today make it difficult to watch. (I myself am not keen on seeing it again.) But Jason Robards in particular was as good as he ever was, which was VERY!
As to the song, it brings up all sorts of emotions for me, not least, tears, making me think of the dear one's whom each of us has personally lost.

oneexwidow said...

Thanks Raybeard... I've tried to make a big "I'm back" announcement but hope to get back up to speed! Don't want to make myself a hostage to fortune, though!

As for the film, it's a very long time since I've seen it, so probably should re-watch it again. My abiding memory of watching it with my sister is that we both thought the direction was all over the place.

Raybeard said...

Now I've GOT to watch it again, Andrew. Perhaps I was too overwhelmed by the subject-matter to notice any poor direction.
Btw I've just looked up Larry Kramer's comment on it. I pick out his salient words - "Heartbreakingly mediocre.....dishonest....inaccurate.....I'd rather people not see it at all." Hmmmm 'nuff said, I suppose.

....oh, and yes, once more, great to have you back. You've been sorely missed.