Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Iconic Images 16

For this entry in the Iconic Images strand, I've chosen Leonardo da Vinci's study of the proportions of the human body - the Vitruvian Man - created around 1487. The name is derived from that of a classical architect - Vitruvius - who argued that the human figure was the source for proportions used in classical architecture.

Of course, where there's an icon, there's bound to be other versions, such as this, featuring a certain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle:

Vitruvian Man Da Vinci Tribute by ~shaungent on deviantART

and this, which features a certain Mr Simpson, a resident of Springfield:

and finally, from the eighties, we have the opening credits of World in Action. Ah, the days when ITV could produce in depth documentaries!

As ever, enjoy!!


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