Monday, 29 March 2010

He bangs, he bangs

I just found a link to this statement in which Ricky Martin has acknowledged, on his website, that he is gay. But should it be news?

As a gay man, I've never thought of my sexuality as being a defining feature. Indeed, I think it's immaterial to most aspects of my life. The art I like, the books I read, the TV I watch are not determined by the sexuality of the artist, author or actors. While I like some music by gay acts or enjoy films such as Beautiful Thing, this is just because these are things I like.

My sexuality has little bearing on the things I choose to do, or indeed my work. While it's not something that's a secret, it's not something I shout about either. If it comes up in conversation, then fine, if not then that's also fine. So should it be any different for celebrities?

Well, ideally not. In an ideal world the gender of your sleeping partners shouldn't be newsworthy at all. In an ideal world artists shouldn't have to choose between living a lie, or at least publicly denying the truth, or risking career-damaging publicity.

Given the world we do live in, though, perhaps it should be newsworthy. Perhaps a critical mass of openly gay stars is required to help change attitudes and,
clich├ęd as it may sound, to act as role models for those who are coming to terms with their sexuality in less than ideal circumstances.

I don't know what the answer to my question is but I hope that the media can leave Mr Martin to continue with his life and career without too much more fuss.


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Stephen Chapman... said...

I would never have guessed Ricky Martin was gay!!!


Though your points are valid.