Friday, 5 March 2010

5 on the 5th - March

This is my latest contribution to 5 on the 5th. The theme this month was "people" and I decided to take 5 snapshots - literally - of the same scene at roughly one minute intervals. I love people watching and it's interesting to see the ebb and flow - there's no real reason why there should be a disparity in the number of people in each shot - yet there is!

The pictures were taken at Cabot Circus in Bristol.


My other entries to 5 on the 5th are here.


Stephen Chapman... said...

Perfectly sticking to the theme.

I assume you got permission from every person!


oneexwidow said...

Of course!

Stephen Chapman... said...

I expect to see the written proof online then!

Howard said...

Interesting study.

oneexwidow said...


I had hoped it would be busier, but think it worked out pretty much as I intended otherwise!