Friday, 2 August 2013

Join the Fight for the Future of the Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats beware! War is afoot - a war for the very essence and soul of our party.
If we don't fight, the Orange Bookers/Liberal Leftests* will gain control and turn us into imitations of the Tories/Labour*. Some of them want to go further, they would sell us out to the Blues/Reds* wholesale.
They must be stopped! Conference in Glasgow marks the last stand. It's time for us all to make a stand and not abandon the party to the Libertarians/Social Democrats*.
Fail to act, and the result can only be the fragmenting of this once great party. I and many more like me will be driven out. Out into the political wilderness, forced to abandon our membership - and to see if we'd feel more at home in the Labour/Conservative Party*. I'll be sad to leave the party I love, but leave it I shall if we do not win this war.
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A parody, perhaps, but we have seen many such posts in recent weeks. As the fabulous Jennie Rigg pointed out yesterday, both sides are on a hiding to nothing - our priority should be building a Liberal case for the electorate not rehearsing the tired arguments of the left and right.
All parties are coalitions and the balance of power ebbs and flows. There are, of course, legitimate policy and political debates to be had. But at our core we must be Liberal: not beholden to the ideologies of the left and right; rather true to the principles outlined in the preamble to OUR constitution.
So, rather than waste time on inter-nicene warfare, why not grab a copy of this and work out ways of relating things to our values and communicating them with your electorate. I'd humbly submit this as one approach...

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Tracy said...

Must say, I have to agree with this. And it would help us to be united whilst we watch the Tories and Labour tear themselves apart from the inside.

We are more mature than that!

Squirrel Nutkin said...

I disagree vigorously ... with your spelling: it should be "internecine" (or was it a cunning play on warfare between Creeds).

Such nitpicking apart, I really like your penultimate paragraph

Andrew Brown said...

I had a feeling the spelling was wrong... #EpicSpellCheckFail