Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday Six (well, Seven) 33 - The political landscape, bad journalism and Nadine Dorries

Well, after a break for the election campaigning, Saturday Six (and my other regular strands) will be making a comeback, starting now... and, as a bonus this week, Saturday Six is a Saturday Seven.

In his Archives, Alex discusses the rise of UKIP - and the demise of Participatory Politics. Put simply, it's a self-perpetuating cycle: as long as established politicians play to their own gallery, the disengaged will find alternative outlets for their frustration.

One of UKIP's main policies is opposition to equal marriage - which Charles Moore discusses in a Telegraph piece lauded by Nadine Dorries. Jae Kay at Freedom Is Not The Problem gives it to them with both barrels.

Ms Dorries is also the subject of this lengthy piece which starts with the simple premise: "Why hasn't her appearance money for I'm a Celebrity appeared in the Register of Members' Interests yet?"...

Meanwhile, Caron has been reading the Daily Mail and, somewhat unsurprisingly, hasn't liked what she's read. Specifically, Quentin Letts being disparaging about international lawyer Miriam Gonz├ílez Dur├íntez on the basis that she is married to Nick Clegg and is Spanish.

Much has been made lately of how much - or how little - a person can live on. Aethelread The Unread takes to pieces a particularly bad piece of "journalism" from the BBC website that purported to prove £1 a day wasn't just feasible but could provide a wide and varied diet.

Finally, much has been made about the local election results, the Queens Speech and what they mean for the parties and the coalition. Here are two responses, one by Linda Jack and the other by Stephen Tall. I'll leave you to judge whose views I'm closest to.


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