Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bristol and Blogs

This Blog is unashamedly fond of Bristol. It is, after all, a great city with fantastic urban art, varied architecture, lively bars and clubs (I'm told...), tea emporia, artisan coffee houses, various independent shops (and an independent Mayor).
It's a hub for creative industries, the home of Deal or No Deal and featured in Dirk Gently, Dr Who and (soon) Sherlock. It's home to one of the UK's (and the World's) top Universities and is a key centre for the Aerospace Industry.
It's a city of Festivals: from the Harbourside festival to the Balloon Fiesta, from Upfest to Brisfest. It's a vibrant, diverse city with a rich history of incomers enriching and developing its cosmopolitan culture.
It's the home of Wallace and Gromit, and the home of Banksy, Brunel and John Cabot. And it's my home.
Aside from the all the above, it is also the home of a great many blogs which, along with this one, are collected together on the Bristol Blogs aggregator site. Go and have a look - and if you're not local, be sure to put Bristol (as well as Bristol Blogs) on your "to visit" list!

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