Monday, 15 November 2010

The Ultimate Housemate

Regular readers will know that I do not tend to discuss my personal life and doings in this blog... Today's post is an exception.

One of the highlights of my annual social calender is my housemate's Birthday Party. This is a huge production into which he puts a huge amount of effort each year. The concept of the party is based on Big Brother - each housemate contributes towards a prize fund, the winner of which is the last person standing. 

The venue, our house, is transformed with the installation of a diary room and a task room, and no expense is spared. Tasks, games and secret missions are then punctuated with regular nominations and evictions from the pool of potential winners. Evictees are then involved, in various ways, in subsequent tasks and determining the winner.

This year our friend Frank was unable to attend the party himself but he was still very much there in spirit. A special series of videos were shot based on the premise that he was being kept in a secret house where he was watching events and able to control events at the party. Episodes were played throughout the evening while the Secret, indeed Ultimate, Housemate got progressively more intent on entering the house itself... little did anyone know quite how things would turn out...

You can find out what happens next here in part two... and follow the links in the description for parts 3 to 6.