Sunday, 4 July 2010

Resolution Check 5

It's time for another review of this years resolutions. Just a reminder of what they are:
  • Continue to reassess, manage and improve my finances
  • Lose some weight/get fitter
  • Read more books than last year - say 25-30
  • Blog around every 2-3 days (c. 147 posts)
  • Re-start my entries to Three Positive Things and explore positive psychology further
  • Commence work on a piece of fiction of my own (other than this list!)
So here we go:

I've sold my car which has released new funds each month, which should make things easier. I've also re-established a spreadsheet to monitor and control spending and to aid budgeting.

I've still no idea if I'm either losing weight or getting fitter! Sometimes it feels I am and other times not... I think I'm eating healthier, though.

My book reading is still stalled - even as I type The Storm by Vince Cable is winking at me wanting read.

Am back on an even keel with blogging, and still meeting target of an entry every 2-3 days on average.

No further progress on my other blog, or my own writing plans.

Progress on my editing of my friends novel has stalled - a project to return to in April, erm May, erm June, erm July...

So, less progress than hoped for in June, but things very positive!


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