Thursday, 10 December 2009

Virtual Gallery - Mezzanine

Yesterday I heard two art related items on Radio 4. The first concerned Frances Bacon and whether his Masochism had an impact on his artistic output. The suggestion was that Bacon's best work was when he was with his lover George Dyer, who was described as a Sadist.

The second was a review of a play exploring the creation of Mark Rothko's paintings for the Seagram Building, a commission he subsequently pulled out of. he subsequently donated 9 of the works to the Tate Gallery, where they arrived on the day he committed suicide.

It struck me that works from these two artists could work well in the same space, and so I've hung the following paintings in a Mezzanine space in the gallery.

From top to bottom:

Study for Portrait, Frances Bacon, 1957
Black on Maroon, Mark Rothko, 1958
Portrait of Isabel Rawsthorne, Frances Bacon, 1966
Light Red over Black, Mark Rothko, 1957

The Bacon item can be found here - just scroll down the running order to 0845 while the Rothko piece is the first item on this programme. I suspect these links may only work in the UK, and for a week after broadcast.


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