Saturday, 24 October 2009

At Once both Introspective and Retrospective

After a recent fallow period - during which life had rather got in the way of regular blogging - I've clambered back into the saddle recently and increased the blogging rate.

I've also tarted up the page layout, and made some cosmetic changes. I've widened the text columns, mainly as the previous layout was cutting off the edges of You Tube windows, and introduced a new colour scheme.

Other changes are hopefully less cosmetic. As well as the existing list of blog entries, in date order, I've now introduced a search bar on the right. I've also introduced a list of labels, prioritised by number of uses, to link through to specific subjects. I'm going to review all these tags too, to make sure this list as useful as possible.

The final key change is the introduction of response buttons at the bottom of the posts - you can give instant feedback, or leave a more in-depth comment, as previously.

It's not just the style of the blog I've been thinking about - I've been having a think about content too. One of my problems is that I find it difficult to write short entries - I start with an idea and before long I have 600 words! My solution is to mix up the longer pieces with links to You Tube videos and pictorial entries, and you should see more of these as time goes by.

The recent flurry of entries seem to have attracted a number of new readers, as well as increasing regular visitors, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to point you in the direction of some of my favourite entries so far:

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Simon's Cat link

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